Please note that this site, much like life, is a continual process of trial, error, and evolution.

So, Who am I?IMG_0159

Well my name is Naomi and I am a work in progress. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Tennessee and Georgia, but I consider myself a Holistic wellness advocator. More importantly I am a human being stumbling down this path of life along with everyone else. Foraging my own unique trail through my personal journey and experience, with many ups, downs, slips, and falls, along the way.

My passion is helping others along their journey. Empowering people to reclaim their inner truth and rewrite their story. Helping them to find their own power.

My Goal is to radically reframe the way mental health is viewed by taking the “crazy” out of it.

How I do this:

Meeting people where they are at, providing support, education, and insights to assist them along their personal journey. Helping people to process, clear, and heal the core issues that have led to their current symptoms. Teaching new thought patterns, emotional regulation, and coping skills through awareness and mindfulness techniques that utilize the brain body connection to promote fast and effective change, healing, and growth.

Sharing the knowledge I’ve gained through personal experiences, trial and error, formal education, and the stories of my clients.

Utilizing a vast array of resources and information to provide a unique and specific individualized care plan.

Honoring the individual’s unique process and journey by meeting them where they are at. Sharing and pointing out some short cuts along the way based on previous experiences of myself or others. Sitting with them while they process and travel their path with or without the short cuts. Normalizing their experience, encouraging their appreciation and acceptance of the process as a whole, and just being present with them while they find their own way. Often through trial and error, trying on different styles to find what fits them best and what they can take and make their own. Finding the answers within that were present all along.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in Tennessee and Georgia.

I have Master’s in Addiction Counseling.

I’ve worked with all ages individual family couples groups. I have worked with a variety of people and a variety of settings. I managed a domestic violence shelter for several years, and have worked for several years with addictions., as well as extensive training on trauma.

I am a firm believer in the mind-body connection and taking a holistic approach.


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